Your challenges

Large manufacturing groups, transport companies, retail actors, telecom operators, governments or public sector companies, banking and financial groups… your IT Department issues are increasingly numerous and complex regarding the constant changes that your environment faces, and the new requirements of your users.


In this context, your IT Department is expected to:

  • Design robust, resilient and agile infrastructure to ensure high availability and security of your information;
  • Quickly integrate business applications and innovations without affecting the production nor the user satisfaction;
  • Deliver an efficient workplace and effective support to its users, wherever they are and at any time;
  • To sum up, increasing its operating performance and its ability to innovate, to support your development, without necessarily having the internal skills, while retaining control over its costs.

The above expectations, and a growing demand for innovative and transformative solutions causes that customers are looking for a partner who:

  • has a global reach and a comparable culture
  • is able to control change processes
  • tailor-made solutions in the context of a standardized service delivery offers – with a regional approach
  • a Europe-wide solution with access to best-shore locations enables
  • cost optimization guarantees at market level

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